I believe that my job is to make the most of what my material, wood, has to offer. There is a great deal of satisfaction to be had in creating heirloom pieces from raw wood and veneer.

I derive great pleasure from the entire process; from quiet contemplation of what Iím going to design next, through careful and planned construction to the finished box, great or small.

Iíve done work from cradle to grave; from christening presents to funerary urns. Iíve done jewellery boxes, keepsake boxes, whimsical curiosities and a variety of puzzle boxes. And Iíve enjoyed every minute of it.

Virtually all my keepsake boxes are unique. I keep careful records, and very seldom duplicate a piece (and even commissioned duplicates will differ because of the uniqueness of wood grain!). Each takes many hours to produce, from timber selection through to final finishing, and I take pride in being able to create unique heirloom pieces that can be passed on to future generations - perhaps the ultimate recycling of a scarce and precious resource.

I hope you like what I do, enough to want to own a part of it. Should you be interested in a bespoke piece, then Iíll be more than happy to discuss this with you.

All of my timbers have a provenance. They either come from Pembrokeshire, or from ethical suppliers who deal in FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) accredited material.